Activity Fields


Packaging is the main activity sector of Markwell Global.


Markwell Global Inc. currently carries out marketing and purchasing activities in the food sector.


Markwell Global Inc. has dealership and representation of foreign machinery companies under its roof.

Forest Products

In this context, primarily timber and pellet trade and intermediary activities are carried out.

Construction Materials

Markwell Global Inc. works as a material supplier in the construction industry.


Markwell Global Inc. works on parts supply both in domestic and foreign markets.

With its connections and activities beyond the borders of Turkey,
Markwell Global Inc. is a global commercial platform that is growing day by day.


Professional Marketing

Companies that focus on production can lag behind in marketing.

By providing professional marketing services, it provides companies with sustainability and quality increase in production as a basis.

Wide Purchase Network

Purchasing is one of the main factors that provide profit to companies. Although it is carried out within the company, we provide convenience and cost advantage to companies with our experience in different sectors and our business network.


The most prestigious point of a business is branding.

By presenting our experience to companies in this field, we become a solution partner in creating their own brands.

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