Markwell Global Inc. has dealership and representation of foreign machinery companies under its roof. Working as a UN Forklift dealer in the field of stacking and construction equipment, UCOK Machinery is a registered Markwell Global institution. The purchase, sale and rental services of stacking and construction machinery needed by companies in Eskişehir and its surroundings are carried out under the brand of UCOK Machinery. The main reason for the cooperation is to reduce the costs of the companies and to reduce the energy imports needed by the country, with the spread of the lithium-ion battery stackers produced by the UN company.

In the field of recycling of forest products, Markwell Global is the Turkey representative of ThoYu. The promotion and marketing activities in Turkey of the company, which manufactures machinery for the recyclable supply of plastic pallets and wooden pallet wedges, as well as wooden pallets, were undertaken. Just like in the preference of the UN company, cooperation has been made over a work with a dominant environmental aspect.