About Us

Markwell Global Inc. is a global trade organization operating in different sectors, thanks to its international connections. In addition to the representatives of the Turkey-based firm abroad, cooperation is also made with foreign companies in various fields.

While conducting market research for Turkish manufacturers on the export side, marketing activities are carried out directly in the countries where the company representatives are present, and the necessary operation planning is undertaken in the next process. On the basis of continuity and sustainability, a permanent cooperation is aimed in export activities. Under the umbrella of Markwell Global Inc., brand and patent studies are continuing to export with its own brands in some sectors, especially packaging, food, machine and forest products.


On the import side, efforts are made to ensure that products that are not produced in Turkey are supplied from foreign markets. In order to bring environmentally friendly and innovative products to the Turkish market, cooperation is made with foreign stakeholders in the relevant sectors. For this, trademark and patent studies are still continuing.

Markwell Global Inc. is preparing to present its own brands to the world markets as a manufacturer both in export, import and international trade. With its connections and activities beyond the borders of Turkey, Markwell Global Inc. is a global commercial platform that is growing day by day.